e-ISSN: 2722-6212 

Publisher: Faculty of Forestry, University of Papua


Office Address:  Gedung Merah Fakultas Kehutanan, Universitas Papua, Gunung Salju st, Amban Manokwari, Papua Barat Province

First Publication: 2015

Period of issueance: June, December

Aims and Scope Jurnal Kehutanan Papuasia (Journal of Papuasia Forestry) encourages submission of manuscripts dealing with wood physical and mechanical properties, wood structure and anatomy, wood biocomposite, tropical silviculture, forest plantation, forest genetics, forest biometrics, forest management, dryland and wetland ecology, forest biology, human ecology, agroforestry, social forestry, forest climate, forest botany, diversity and conservation, environmental management, land use, habitat degradation and rehabilitation, geomorphological and hydrological processes, as well as soil chemistry, biology, physics, and other edaphic aspects.

Article types The journal seeks original full-length research papers, reviews, and short communication. Manuscript of original research should be written in no more than 7,500 words (including tables and picture), or proportional with articles in this publication number. Review articles will be accommodated, while, short communication should be written at least 3,000 words (excl. references), except for pre-study.


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